My life In Storage, lessons in CHANGE!

I do believe life and business are completely intertwined, the lessons we learn, the skills we sharpen and the transitions we make. For those of you who follow my Instagram account you may have noticed two things, I love a beanie hat, I have just moved 250 miles North.

I wanted to share with you a tool that's helping me to cope with the massive changes occurring in my life right now FAITH! I don't mean as in sect or specific religious worship, I am talking about that inner deep down knowing that you CAN do this, which is easier said than done when you are in the transition, or do I mean trenches? When you are in the gap where I am now, between my past and my future with my entire worldly possessions standing quietly in a bright yellow storage unit waiting for the next chapter!

My go-to coping mechanism for any hint of chaos, disruption or change in my life is to work harder, push stronger, basically just light the fire under my situation which inevitably only increases the pressure....

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The 5 Keys To Business Success - Key #1

business Jun 16, 2020


*Key Number 1*. The purpose or Your WHY?

Defining your purpose so that you can gain clarity on what business you want to start or making sure you are in the right direction in your current business is a vital key and starting point for any business owner. Figuring out what you want to do, where you want to go, and why you want to get there is just the same fundamental process of looking at a map and planning your route and destination when you are about to set off on a long journey.

Purpose creates drive unless you have a strong enough purpose for your company to exist it will be all too easy to give up and follow through on the enormous amount of work it requires to get a business off the ground and the stamina needed to keep it going.  What drives you? Inspires you? Annoys you? Let that be the spark that ignites your business, that deep emotional connection and the reason that moves you  - let that be your driving motivation.

Consider this for a moment, not...

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Small Business OWNER This Is Your Unique Advantage

business strategy Apr 08, 2020

Small Business OWNER This Is Your Unique Advantage

As social distancing has started affecting every industry, have you been thinking deeply about your business? How do you respond to the new reality? Now is the time to pivot—not out of desperation or to stay afloat, but to discover growth strategies you might not have considered before. Some of the most innovative companies evolved from entirely different beginnings. I mentioned this in a previous post, I am sure you have seen companies out there who have regrouped from producing their normal product to producing medical equipment to support our NHS a PIVOT. How can you learn from this? What could you do to reinvent your business in some way to formulate a new product, or serve a new market? How can you look at your audience and current offering to uncover new strategies?

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you are hardwired to look for new opportunities AND you have a unique advantage, you are AGILE. You can move...

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Adapt - Small Business Toolkit COVID 19

ADAPT - Welcome to your Small Business Toolkit  

Our current situation with COVID -19 is one which we could not have been prepared for and we are learning to adapt to a whole new landscape. Rather than wondering how you are going to survive, let's look at this as an opportunity for change.

I coach Independent Business Owners, for any entrepreneur, running your own business can be daunting even at the best of times. I want to show you how to create new ways to sustain your business through these challenging times, so that you are prepared and ready to operate when our ‘new’ normal resumes.

As a business owner I have experienced tough times in my own business over the years, the key right now is resilience and how to use this time to pivot and grow. I have to tell you, many of my best business concepts have been birthed under the most challenging of markets and economies. 

The commodity we do have right now is time, I feel there is much work to be done...

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