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My Mission 

Founder, Leader, and Entrepreneur excited to share the FUTURE of work for you and your business.

I work with Leaders, Business Owners Founders and Entrepreneurs to create purpose-driven, resilient businesses.

We create a dynamic vision, agile strategy, and strenth of culture, to ensure your business thrives in our ever-changing world.

Leadership Coaching   

The new rules of work

Leaders with a clear understanding of purpose, future vision and a mission to serve the future customer are uniquely positioned to navigate the global shift in business perspective, which has created an opportunity to rethink traditional leadership roles and create new ones. Purpose & Vision now drive direction, and your company culture dictates its success.


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Better Business 

With A New Brand Of Business Coaching

The importance of culture and a clearly defined vision has been a core thread of success throughout my own business ventures. I have created owned and sold businesses. No matter the venture, my purpose, clear focused vision and desire to create new cultures always led me to success. 

In Just 12 Questions, EDIT the pulse of your  Business!

Here's what you'll find inside:

  • A fresh perspective on the future of your business
  • Your score and ability to create foundational resilience
  • Your level of leadership behaviours - critical for your team's ability to handle rapid change
  • Concrete ways of leading that will directly impact the health, happiness and success of your business

This Business Edit will identify the key factors that can make or break your current business. 

Are you ready to get Started?

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"We contacted Jan to help create our SA property business platform. During a day-long retreat, she systematically extracted our ideas, making our strategy and vision clear. Jan is a true professional, analytical, and driven to achieve business goals. Whether you're a business leader, startup, or looking to pivot, I highly recommend her services. Thank you, Jan‚ÄĒyou were an inspiration."

CEO & Business Edit Client - New Company Strategy Brand Development

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Listen Now

The Business Edit

You can join me over at the business Edit We meet with our Founders Club members each month to discuss  current themes on new leadership, how companies are changing moving forward, why culture purpose and vision are leading the change and how you build this into your organisations and business

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As new technologies, chronic uncertainty, and ever-shifting markets continue to reshape industries and redefine the future of work,

We need to develop skill sets, mindsets, toolsets, and systems that support feedback cultures, reward critical and anticipatory thinking, and foster deep collaboration and inclusivity 

Additionally, we need to embrace new and uncomfortable ways of working that will feel paradoxical in many ways ‚Äď like learning how to be both very focused and very agile.¬†¬†

How to move with urgency and thoughtfulness, how to lead by excavating the unsaid rather than expending energy working around it. Our new collaboration will allow us to bring these skill and mindset transformations to organizations in measurable and meaningful ways. It‚Äôs a game-changer!‚ÄĚ

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