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"Become the CEO of your own world, we need more purpose-driven business owners like YOU" 

It’s time for massive CHANGE if you have a desire to build your own business, you have a  concept, a seed of an idea that you want to realise which solves a problem and creates a solution let’s talk.  

If you want to start your own business, but you are not sure where to begin, let me help you take that first step. The whole world has changed, If you are starting a new business from scratch, or improving the one you already have, you will need to transform your thinking.

If you want a brand that delivers your superpower, your unique USP, and are looking for creative marketing that sets you apart and a strategy to keep you focused and delivers results I can help.



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It's Time To Change


You know the IMPORTANCE of investing in your business and yourself and you'd  like to work with peers who have similar values. MASTERMINDS and RETREATS are a great choice for you Quick grab your seat BELOW


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 "Jan Foo understands the in's and out's of marketing. With her keen insight and business wisdom she gets straight to the point to clarify goals and next-steps as well as effectively dealing with challenges. Jan is a tireless worker, committed to assisting her clients in making smart business decisions. Her warm personality, wit and good humor makes working together a pleasure"

Fiona Lovell Horning – Life Coach Boston Massachusetts USA



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I'm an entrepreneur through and through, and I LOVE marketing

Online or offline, strategy, branding, websites, content, creation, anything that’s innovative and helps my clients to formulate a marketing strategy that sets them apart and showcases their skills

 So can I help you build a business? Sure I can, I have built and created business, started from scratch, reinvented and begun again, I've had learned my lessons along the way the good, the bad the losses and the wins, these have been my most ardent teachers, the important pieces, all the things I'd wished I known from the start are the things I can now share  in my work as a Coach Consultant with my clients

Grab your blue light glasses, let's go

My Mission

Is to create a learning strategy that delivers real change and transformation for you & your Business

We are facing rapid change in our lives, organisations and environments and living in a culture of continuous learning. My mission is to work with entrepreneurs, SME's purpose-driven business owners that have bravely chosen to follow their own path and are looking now for new direction and change. Building a business is a holistic process and can seem hugely overwhelming when you are working all alone. I will deliver a strategy that adapts your learning as quickly as your business evolves with marketing and content that reflects your values voice and message


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