My life In Storage, lessons in CHANGE!

I do believe life and business are completely intertwined, the lessons we learn, the skills we sharpen and the transitions we make. For those of you who follow my Instagram account you may have noticed two things, I love a beanie hat, I have just moved 250 miles North.

I wanted to share with you a tool that's helping me to cope with the massive changes occurring in my life right now FAITH! I don't mean as in sect or specific religious worship, I am talking about that inner deep down knowing that you CAN do this, which is easier said than done when you are in the transition, or do I mean trenches? When you are in the gap where I am now, between my past and my future with my entire worldly possessions standing quietly in a bright yellow storage unit waiting for the next chapter!

My go-to coping mechanism for any hint of chaos, disruption or change in my life is to work harder, push stronger, basically just light the fire under my situation which inevitably only increases the pressure. This time it's different maybe I am finally learning to let go who knew?

Consider the brilliant analogy of the trapeze,  which compares life as a series of swings with the trapeze artist flying along merrily from one bar to another. This resonated with me, transition & change are current friends and I totally understand the feeling of being suspended having released my grasp of the old bar, hurtling across the void then having enough faith to believe that rather than crashing on the rocks below me, my new bar is coming up to meet me.

This is the faith bit I am talking about and it can be quite terrifying that place of unknowing, no guarantees no soft landing, just the scary bit, however, this my friend is where the growth happens. 

So I am letting go of my hustle and learning to surrender, not easy but I can see the difference already things are happening, new avenues are opening up that had not featured in my existing plans, new and old business connections reaching out, it seems my new path is being illuminated for me. I can only hope this is real change, the transitions in our life are deep pools of learning spaces, full of opportunities if we can be brave enough to just hang on and let go.

If you too are transitioning from your workplace, or you want to get into a new business, or create a new venture, drop me an email, let's chat about your plans, you don't have to it alone you can find me at

[email protected] lets talk!


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