Why Culture Matters

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2021
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BRAVE Leadership Cultivating Your Culture - The Great Reset

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2021

What if we stopped thinking about the culture of a company as a “thing”, something you stick on the wall as a manifesto for everyone to read and obey? Instead of a fixed thing what if we take out the word culture and replace it with MINDSET? The mindset of the Company, start thinking of your organization as a network of talent and instead of leadership being seen as a singular isolating structure rather what about co-creating so instead of CEO you could be Co-Creating Officer, instead of managers how about Team Guides. This new thinking is incredibly current right now and there are some brilliant books on the subject. * Are you ready for a reset, as these old managerial structures breakdown, new mindset shifts will need to happen to create next thinking


Those who lead need to guide an inclusive Co-Creation process to determine what’s possible next, rather than thinking of your company as living inside of a rigid box (culture) think of a network of unlimited...

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BRAVE Leadership Cultivating Your Culture - Conversations With Jan

Uncategorized Sep 09, 2021

Welcome Back to Leadership Conversations, yesterday we spoke about the fascinating topic of communication and today it’s a natural step to Leadership & Culture which are inextricably linked. We are not just talking about taking your mission statement and posting it on the wall, but how your people are really getting on, in a strong resilient culture, your people are all in tune with the values and goals of the company and reinforce this message in every action and communication.

What’s Changed; you may have lost your way and need to re-align or revise your company culture, the way we work today requires teams to communicate with one another across organisations, regions, and the globe. This creates the danger of a disconnected workforce which is not good for your culture, productivity, and organisation. When teams aren’t able to work together: • Mission and values can get lost • Messaging and tone can dissipate, • remote employees can feel...

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BRAVE Leadership Beyond Words - Conversations with Jan


Welcome back to Day 2 Leadership Conversations, yesterday we spoke about Brave Leadership, cultivating a culture of belonging, leading from the heart, showing up with integrity and authentic voice; Today we are talking about the power of your words “Communication” it’s the most powerful tool we possess, and the most dangerous if we get it wrong.

Communication is the nerve centre of everything you do, It’s the translation of your vision and values, the future direction of your company. Effective communication is using a language that has the greatest impact on your team, whether you are using verbal or nonverbal communication you are always sending out a message. When you are dealing with a large organisation how can you be sure to communicate your message effectively? How can you create the connection and articulate your message across a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, beliefs and individuals’ internal stories?


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BRAVE Leadership - Conversations with Jan


Now more than ever we need a new kind of leader to emerge from the rubble of 2020/21. We can no longer rely on adrenaline to bring our teams together, long term resilience takes stamina, staying the course this business of running a business is not for the faint of heart the only way to cross the finish line is by being BRAVE

 This hasn’t been a normal year, the pandemic changed how we work and has forced us to rethink traditional leadership roles, old fashioned hierarchical structures will become obsolete What we do with this new opportunity in the remaining Quarter of this year will define our next chapter and rewrite a new legacy and style of Leader.

 Today I am talking with Floris Slob a fellow Business Coach & Consultant, as we look at what it takes to become a brave and courageous leader.  

These are the leaders who know who they are at their core, they lead from the heart, they show up with an authentic voice, they understand the power of...

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