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ADAPT - Welcome to your Small Business Toolkit  

Our current situation with COVID -19 is one which we could not have been prepared for and we are learning to adapt to a whole new landscape. Rather than wondering how you are going to survive, let's look at this as an opportunity for change.

I coach Independent Business Owners, for any entrepreneur, running your own business can be daunting even at the best of times. I want to show you how to create new ways to sustain your business through these challenging times, so that you are prepared and ready to operate when our ‘new’ normal resumes.

As a business owner I have experienced tough times in my own business over the years, the key right now is resilience and how to use this time to pivot and grow. I have to tell you, many of my best business concepts have been birthed under the most challenging of markets and economies. 

The commodity we do have right now is time, I feel there is much work to be done in the waiting. I want to help you to use your time wisely, no matter what business you have, product-based, service or online, there are things you can do now to be proactive and sustain your business.

Once this is over there will probably be a much higher demand for your services, we need to prepare, get ready and really serve your audience. People are going to remember the business owners that helped during this tough time, when it’s all over, which it will be, they will remember how you helped them and come back to you - Let’s get going.

Don't Contract

It’s easy to shrink when you feel afraid and stay small, but this is actually the time to play big! Use your platforms, remain active on social media. Even if your customers are making limited purchases, they will be online more than ever right now, use your community and stay connected.

Please use your email list, this is your moment to become a resource and a leader. Emailing your database saves your client’s searching to find you and what is happening. This way you get to deliver your content straight to their inbox, if you haven't got a list then this is the TIME to start building one.


Online meetings, schedule and keep your routine going whether that's a morning meeting with your team, teaching your classes online, or just popping in to say hello. Share your updates, and continue to deliver value to your clients. Zoom, Google Hangouts, whatever your choice don't forget you can use simple calendar tools like ’Calendly’ which make it simple for clients to see your availability, then directly schedule meetings with a simple link.

Show Up

Video Is quick and easy if you want to record a series of sessions for a client, if they cant attend group zoom calls or they prefer a more personal service, once recorded you can then drop these into an email and send daily. Not sure how to insert video into emails? Use Vidyard, it's simple and easily helps you to drop your video content or course straight into an email to your clients. 

Set up a Facebook group for your customers. Facebook is not a platform I like, but it is very good for creating groups if you don't have a membership site. Here you can easily address problems, answer questions and share updates with your community. Plus a benefit of this type of gathering is the group support.

A really simple tip is to contact 10 clients each day, send a voice note just to check in and say hi, quick takes seconds to record, and may elevate your message from all the other platforms vying for attention.

Stay Social What To Post

It can seem strange to be posting on social media during this time, and some people worry about what to post. Remember your people need to know you are still there, what is happening, and how to get in touch with you. These interactions with your customers will fuel your small business as problems come to light, you can create new resources and solutions to keep the the momentum going and continue to serve them well.

  1.  Share the space you work in and what you are working on
  2. Why did you set up your business and what do you love about it
  3. What are some of your favorite products services or tips
  4. Share the creative ways your business is adapting to this crisis
  5. Give an honest update on how your business is doing what would be valuable to share?
  6. How should your clients find you and your products or service right now?
  7. Behind the scenes, we are all looking for connections in this isolation be authentic.

What to do online

If you have a shop get your products online, create a pop-up shop (use Etsy or Shopify) with your best sellers or send them out in an email.

Reach out to your database, contact your customers, let them know how they can support you, it might be as simple as a like, share, follow me at, or a testimonial for your site.

Gift Cards 

Create an ongoing cash flow. Make it easy for your people to purchase gift cards for now or in the future. A simple call to action, “sign up to my email list and collect your members discount gift card. That way you build your client base and they get something of value for the transfer of an email address. Create a simple landing page with your offer and get it out into the world. Remember action, not perfection, get it published get it live and create more business. 

Delivery With A Difference

If they cannot come to you have it delivered, as so many people are doing this now how can you adapt your delivery service so that it’s unique to you? When Beauty pie is delivered to my door, I instantly recognise the color branding and packaging, but before I even unwrap the delicious pink tissue paper, there is a call to action, Insta your Pie! Which basically means take a pic and post on Instagram, can you think of an opportunity like this to promote your brand further? 


What can you teach online and quickly, business education is already heading in this direction in a big way. People are time-poor and want information and resources instantly. What do you know about what you sell or serve, that you can put together in a quick online course? This can be delivered simply by email, you don't need a fancy system to get this going.


We are always so busy as an owner running our business, that working on our business always ends up at the back of the queue. Now that you have more time, use it wisely to update those seemingly less important things. Update your Website, build your email list, create your templates, sort out refresh your copy and contracts. When things get busy again you will be ahead of the crowd. 


Can you connect with another business or service that aligns with what you provide? can you create a help pack or a tool kit and pool resources? If you are a holistic therapist could you hook up with an aromatherapy expert and create a natural organic hand sanitizer for your clients? 

If you are an interior designer could you collaborate with a supplier and speak to both to your own and their audiences with a blog post doubling your traffic. Could you email simple styling tips to make your living space more comfortable or create a simple working space to help you be more productive as you will be spending more time working from home isolating? 

Look outside of your industry, what tips or tricks can you use to serve your clients? Look at your niche. Is there a gap that's been created from this crisis, a problem that you could solve?  I hope you have something that resonates for you.

With love




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