Whose Judgment are you afraid of ANYWAY?

Whose judgment are you most afraid of?
In this crazy year of 2020, we are all shifting, creating our new identity, who are you transforming into, and are you sharing the journey?
Moving into new versions of ourselves can be uncomfortable, I have just moved into a new life, a new home, a fresh start, and am creating my business and life step by step day by day. My passion is my business, building creating and supporting others as they pivot and bring to life or rejuvenate an existing business into this digital world. Right now in my messy middle, I am creating how I want to work, who I want to work with, and most importantly aligning my WHY with what I do.
Sharing the mess the messy middle becomes your message- don’t wait until it's perfect because it never will be. Your message is in the mess and sharing your transformation is what will inspire others to begin their journey. Start sharing your passions you don’t need to be known for just one thing,...
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Small Business OWNER This Is Your Unique Advantage

business strategy Apr 08, 2020

Small Business OWNER This Is Your Unique Advantage

As social distancing has started affecting every industry, have you been thinking deeply about your business? How do you respond to the new reality? Now is the time to pivot—not out of desperation or to stay afloat, but to discover growth strategies you might not have considered before. Some of the most innovative companies evolved from entirely different beginnings. I mentioned this in a previous post, I am sure you have seen companies out there who have regrouped from producing their normal product to producing medical equipment to support our NHS a PIVOT. How can you learn from this? What could you do to reinvent your business in some way to formulate a new product, or serve a new market? How can you look at your audience and current offering to uncover new strategies?

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you are hardwired to look for new opportunities AND you have a unique advantage, you are AGILE. You can move...

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