BRAVE Leadership Cultivating Your Culture - Conversations With Jan

Uncategorized Sep 09, 2021

Welcome Back to Leadership Conversations, yesterday we spoke about the fascinating topic of communication and today it’s a natural step to Leadership & Culture which are inextricably linked. We are not just talking about taking your mission statement and posting it on the wall, but how your people are really getting on, in a strong resilient culture, your people are all in tune with the values and goals of the company and reinforce this message in every action and communication.

What’s Changed; you may have lost your way and need to re-align or revise your company culture, the way we work today requires teams to communicate with one another across organisations, regions, and the globe. This creates the danger of a disconnected workforce which is not good for your culture, productivity, and organisation. When teams aren’t able to work together: • Mission and values can get lost • Messaging and tone can dissipate, • remote employees can feel disconnected there is a lack of routine, community, collaboration leading to isolation.


“The business case for creating a strong company culture is clear. But even more valuable than improving employee retention, productivity, or engagement, the biggest benefit of investing in culture is in sending the message to employees that their organisation cares about them”.



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