BRAVE Leadership Cultivating Your Culture - The Great Reset

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2021

What if we stopped thinking about the culture of a company as a “thing”, something you stick on the wall as a manifesto for everyone to read and obey? Instead of a fixed thing what if we take out the word culture and replace it with MINDSET? The mindset of the Company, start thinking of your organization as a network of talent and instead of leadership being seen as a singular isolating structure rather what about co-creating so instead of CEO you could be Co-Creating Officer, instead of managers how about Team Guides. This new thinking is incredibly current right now and there are some brilliant books on the subject. * Are you ready for a reset, as these old managerial structures breakdown, new mindset shifts will need to happen to create next thinking


Those who lead need to guide an inclusive Co-Creation process to determine what’s possible next, rather than thinking of your company as living inside of a rigid box (culture) think of a network of unlimited human potential a network of talent, you co-create together, let’s look at the core mindsets and start the great reset!




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