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You Are My Mission

You want to build a business, become a disruptive leader, and create your own blue ocean that eliminates the competition?  


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My Mission 

Founder, Leader, and Entrepreneur excited to share the new work rules for you and your business.

I work with Leaders, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to create a purpose-driven, antifragile business fueled by a dynamic vision with flexible strategy and dynamic cultures to adapt to our endlessly changing world.


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Leadership Coaching   

The new rules of work

Leaders with a clear understanding of purpose, future vision and a mission to serve the future customer are uniquely positioned to navigate the global shift in business perspective, which has created an opportunity to rethink traditional leadership roles and create new ones. Purpose & Vision drive direction, company culture will dictate its success.


Build Better Business   

With A New Brand Of Business Coaching

The importance of culture and a clearly defined vision has been a core thread of success throughout my own business ventures. I have created owned and sold businesses. No matter the venture, my purpose, clear focused vision and desire to create new cultures always led me to success. I would love to share my six-step coaching process a unique programme for your business and success. 

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The Coaching 1:1


Before we can begin to craft your message, branding and communication, we need to dive deeply into what I like to call the holy trinity of your business, creating the strong foundations to build an antifragile business that can endlessly adapt in our changing world.

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The Business Edit Course


Become the architect of your own destiny. It's time for YOU to edit yourself, your business purpose, vision and FUTURE. The Business Edit is a 6-week programme to create profound innovation and change. If you want to become an AGILE leader, book now for SEPTEMBER.

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The Edit Membership


If you are a game changer and agile leader, your community should be one too. This is your access to a live monthly coaching session with me. We thrive better together; Join us at The Business Edit Membership for your place to connect on our group Masterclass.

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"We had the most wonderful experience with Jan Foo, a truly wonderful and inspiring businesswoman who knows exactly what you are looking for. After a couple of failed attempts from other business coaches who advertise they can help, Jan is a breath of fresh air.

Joyce Lawrie - Business Owner - Lawrie Estate Agents Fife

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The New Rules Of Leadership

You can join me live each week on LinkedIn as I look at the current theme on new leadership, how companies are changing moving forward, why culture purpose and vision are leading the change and how you build this into your organisations and business

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