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I love working with small business owners I’m here to make your business grow. My job is to bring out your unique strengths and talents to your brand and business. I like to bring fun creativity and energy to my coaching sessions.

You can work with me in several different ways depending on what works best for you and in alignment with your own performance pattern.

Remember, the safest bet you can make is on yourself, nothing changes unless you do.

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Direct Coaching

We can skype, zoom or meet in person over a cup of tea. My one to one coaching works by getting to the source of what you do quickly and effectively. We then create a unique business blueprint that is true to your brand, values and stands out above all others in your niche.

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Online Courses

These courses are the Business Blueprints that really work from finding your purpose to marketing, website, branding and communication. You get to design your own class schedule, that's the beauty of online learning you can literally log in and listen from anywhere. 

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I am a great believer in the huge benefits of working in small group, with people from different backgrounds and industries. Group dynamics challenge your every assumption and offer a fresh perspective. Workshops are a quick and impactful way to impact your business.

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If you are a small business owner ready to achieve your goals this is for you. Brilliant workshops, experts and coaches and time away from your business, essential for creativity and growth. There is a HUGE benefit of working closely within a small group as trust and ideas are shared. We integrate professional workshops with outdoor activities always set within stunning locations.

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"I travelled up to Bank Ground Farm Retreat on Thursday feeling uncertain and very muddled as to what direction I should be heading. Three days later I feel energised and confident with a clear path ahead of me! Thank you Jan for an incredible journey, an amazing retreat with expert content, professionally organised but with a friendly feel & fun!"

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