The Modern-Day Renaissance Entrepreneur

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2021

The Renaissance Entrepreneur, smart, passionate and Knowledgeable business people who have a clear understanding of their consumer and have smartly aligned their own lifestyle needs and wants into the business mix.

In today's article, we look at the two primary drivers for every business, the customer outcome and your lifestyle goals, everything else in your business will fall under these two foundational pillars, so it’s essential to figure out what this looks like for you

The customer outcome is easy we get it our overall business and revenue is based on the value we bring to your customer, so a deep understanding of our customer wants and needs is critical, then what you sell or provide must be tied directly to those customer outcomes to effectively scale your business, yep we got this but the second pillar is sometimes overlooked. What if you looked at your business from a totally different perspective, one that fits in with your lifestyle goals first? Did you want to start this business to have more freedom? More Time with family and friends, flexibility to set your own schedule, increased control in your life, travel work from anywhere? This is where you get to decide.

When you build a business that truly aligns with how you want to live your life it’s a game-changer. There has been a false narrative in the entrepreneur space that you must constantly work and forsake your work-life balance to build a thriving business. I’m calling bullshit!! This just leads to stress, unhappiness and general burnout. To have long-term success in your business you have to first love what you do, then figure out how this works in your environment this will minimise and alleviate so much of the stress which naturally comes with being a business owner and will enhance your positive mental health and the general mindset. 

If you are in the process of starting or refreshing your business have an honest conversation about the kind of lifestyle you want to achieve, let me know which lifestyle goal matters most for you I’d love to know





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