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Uncategorized Nov 12, 2020

If you are a local business with a product or service to sell then this is for YOU!! Let’s crack Lockdown together, your customers have not disappeared, and they still need to hear from you the question is how?

Beyond the realms of the massive corporates and medium-sized companies that serve the population are the small businesses and the solopreneurs on our local high streets who are struggling to keep going, stay hopeful, and get through this to the other side

We are filming a local business every day throughout the lockdown, in a studio locally where you will be hosted live to share what you do. It’s a visual entertaining conversation and opportunity for you to show your customer your brand product or service, what you do why you do it and how you do it. Welcome to The Vendary - Your Local Business Emporium.

 Collaboration is how we work as a human race, so the concept of a collective business platform makes good sense to me. Collectively the local business community needs to gather together, sharing resources including social media marketing not only create collective audience growth but also the opportunity to share or recommend your fellow business’s

 There is nothing small about the business owner, it takes courage to get out there and do what you do, having walked this path I want to support you it’s totally FREE to find out more, take part, or get involved and collaborate, then you can  get in touch with me here

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