New Rules New Leadership

It's time for change are you ready?


Welcome to The Business Edit, a three-day immersive leadership retreat in the stunning surroundings of the Lake District.

A global shift is happening; we are facing one of the most critical and defining moments of business and Leadership. Every industry will see a massive change in the coming decade, which calls for our leaders to change.

We are on a mission to empower and create new leadership culture, leading the way from the unprecedented change we have experienced into the future of the new leadership role. This retreat is a chance to EDIT yourself, your business, your purpose, your vision and YOUR FUTURE.

There Is A Global Shift In Leadership Culture. Are You Ready For Change?

The Business EDIT

New Rules    New Leadership    New Culture


It's time for YOU to edit yourself and your business. Rethink your purpose, vision and culture.

There are only TWELVE spaces for leaders who are ready to lead profound innovation and change in the context of rapidly changing environments by rebuilding purpose & vision to seize emerging future opportunities

Are you ready to make change possible?



Are you making an impact beyond just profit? Having a purpose is no longer an aspirational goal; it is a strategic priority and competitive differentiator.

Understand how to establish and communicate your purpose and develop a laser-focused plan to redefine why you and your company exist.


Who must I become as a leader and CEO? With traditional ways of operation no longer sufficient, the first task of new leadership is to create the future vision of your company.

What does it look like? How do you communicate this across a diverse and disparate workforce without distilling the message?


As leaders, we rarely spend time plugging into the present moment. So how can we as visionary leaders manage and support our people without first mastering this skill ourselves?

A wealth of intelligence and guidance is available when we access our inner knowledge  for ourselves, our teams and our community. 


Culture drives everything; hybrid teams or disparate workplaces need stronger cultures now more than ever. Find out if you have a stuck or flux culture and how to change it.

If transformation and strategy is the path you need to take right now, culture is the engine that determines how fast you will travel.


Fundamental transformation is not just about setting goals; it is about clearly understanding what's important to you.

Plugging into your values, what matters to you, reprogramming that identity shift to truly align with who you really are.


A future defined needs to be actualised, to take advantage of and capitalise the growth and momentum gained.

Not just a framework for change but an embodied shift in the people, company and culture to deliver the emerging opportunities we have created.


 We are lucky to be situated at Silverholme Manor on the shore of Lake Windermere and sitting within The Graythwaite Estate. This is a spectacular environment to immerse and integrate the work and high level coaching sessions.

Taking advantage of our stunning surroundings we will punctuate our days with carefully planned experiences created by our Adventure Specialists with exhilarating group sessions on and off land.

Kayaking on Lake Windermere, 4x4 off road mountain explorations and camp. Embedding change whilst you relax enjoy connect and evolve.



The Business Edit is a unique experience created from the unprecedented change we have experienced and the knowledge and importance of the role of leadership in our new world. New rules require new experiences and new teachings.

This 3 day Leadership retreat is totally different experience, and incredible immersion of high level coaching sessions, blended with exhilarating activities set within and incorporating the stunning environment of Silverholme Manor in the Lake District

This is time for you, how YOU Edit your business, structures, processes and vision. Whether you are on track, off track, or looking to create a whole new track this 3 day retreat is the survival pack to bridge the gap from the from what we have experienced into the emerging future and new leadership role ahead and required of us. 

Built to create a mid year reset to reflect honestly where we are and where we want to go in our business. Implementing  the changes required to drive your business forward adopting new business concepts, thinking and modalities creating our core desired outcome for 2022.


Silverholme Manor  Graythwaite Estate Retreat package includes:



19TH JULY 2022


Arrival Orientation & Exploration

Silverholme Manor Graythwaite Estate

Welcome Pack

Explore Your Environment

Experience Life From The Lake

Graythwaite Adventure Experience

4x4 : Lake : Kayaking

Lakeside Barbecue



20th JULY 2022


Leadership The New Rules

Who Must I Be As A CEO A Leader Now?

Purposeful Leadership

How Brands With Purpose Thrive

Clarifying Intentions 

Co-creating The Change Process


The Future Emerging

Gastro Pub Supper - Integration




21st JULY 2022


Culture Drives Everything

Co-creating Your strategy

Group Work

Identifying core values

Actualizing emerging opportunities


4x4 Mountain Experience

A Framework for change

Campfire Experience

Dining At Silverholme 





Jan's mission is to work directly with CEO's and leaders who want to be part of the global shift in leadership to creature new culture and change. Jan is an international Business Coach Consultant, and is inspired to work with leaders who recognize the value of future vision, who are purpose driven and desire a company culture that defines and underlines everything they do. Working with the company’s core values, to ultimately define the organization culture character and brand.


Sid is a Master Coach to leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs his clients include the next generation of leaders at Fortune 500 companies, founders of leading startups and their teams, and changemakers who are pushing humanity forward and seek to unleash their creative genius into the world. As the Master Coach at Evercoach the world’s largest platform for coaches, he has trained thousands of coaches in the art and science of coaching.


Elke unleashes unimagined potential so that her clients can face the ever accelerating change with authenticity, clarity, integrity and inner strength. She coaches business leaders and supports them to achieve their visionary goals with courage, ease and joy, combining personal leadership with contemporary
coaching. Her vision is to build a network of passion driven changemakers and increase the positive impact in the world.


An unpredictable world has reshaped how we as leaders must lead. The Business Edit delivers a more human approach to collaboration and innovation. Working with you to create NEW leadership behaviors, aligning your business to a bigger purpose and vision, creating a culture for relationships to flourish with your people and your customers driving better more successful business.





Available Until June 30th

  • Luxury Lakeside Manor 
  • Master Coaches & facilitators
  • Professional Experienced Adventure Team
  • Exceptional Immersive Learning Experience

Secure Your Place At The Leaders Table Silverholme Manor 19th - 21st July 2022

Leader, Visionary, Strategist, Communicator and mentor, leaders have had to be all these things and more to survive the disruption, whilst the change was extreme, it also created incredible insight for us to be able to reinvent the way we lead, this business retreat will restore your purpose vision & mission

The time is now we need to spark new leadership where turn the lens back on yourself first and ask "Who do I need to become in order to drive change and create more impact?" Join us and become one of 12 leaders of the future.